Best of Iowa in Traces Society (BITS)
(a nonprofit corporation)

As amended January 28, 2012

1. This nonprofit corporation shall be known as Best of Iowa in Traces Society (BITS).

2. The purpose of BITS is to encourage and support the sport of carriage driving in Iowa with an emphasis on safe driving education, activities, and events.

3. The fiscal and membership year of the club is from January 1 through December 31.

4. The Board of Directors shall be the governing body of the club.

Sec. 1. The Board of Directors shall consist of the elected officers, the Past President, and at least one other active member elected by a majority of the active membership.

Sec. 2. Board of Directors members shall serve a term of two years, and no more than three consecutive terms.

Sec. 3. The president and treasurer shall be elected in even years, beginning in 2006; the vice-president, secretary, and the additional member of the Board of Directors shall be elected in odd years, beginning in 2007.

Sec. 4. Nominations for officers shall be solicited by a committee appointed by the President. N o nominee shall be presented without his or her consent.

Sec. 5. Officers and the additional member for the Board of Directors are elected prior to the Annual Meeting through a mail ballot sent by all members by the Secretary or Treasurer. Ballots will be counted by the nominating committee at or before the Annual Meeting.

Sec. 6. Newly-elected officers shall assume their duties at the close of the Annual Meeting.

Sec. 7. A vacancy in an office shall be filled by a special election conducted at a regular meeting with a quorum in attendance.


Sec 1. Any person who agrees to support the stated purpose of the club may become a member.

Sec. 2. Membership categories shall be:


Family - for two or more persons in a family including children. A maximum of 2 votes is allowed per family membership. Persons in the family under 14 years of age will be nonvoting members.

Founding and/or Life Member - one time individual membership payment of a minimum of $125. A founding member has joined within the first year of the club’s organization.

Sec. 3. Active members are those whose dues have been paid. Only active members are entitled to voting privileges.

Sec. 4. Membership dues and late fees for the fiscal year in each category shall be established at the annual meeting.

Sec. 5. Membership dues are considered past due 60 days after the beginning of the fiscal year. All rights and privileges of membership are then suspended until payment is received.

Sec. 6. Special members are those who obtain honorary status, such as sponsors providing financial or material support or for special recognition. Special members will be reviewed annually for continuation in special membership category. Special members will receive all information about club meetings, activities and events and be recognized when appropriate.

Sec.7. Any participant under the age of 18 is required to wear an ASTM standard SEI/-certified safety helmet in club activities where horses and/or carriages are present. Any participant over age 18 who does not chose to wear a helmet at club activities or events where horses and/or carriages are present, will be required to sign a waiver acknowledging that they are aware of the increased risk of injury by his or her choice.

Sec. 8. The Equine Activity Statue of the State of Iowa (Iowa Code Chapter 673).shall apply and an Iowa Liability Law sign shall be posted all events.

The officers of the club shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Sec. 1 The above officers shall constitute the Executive Committee and shall have the authority to conduct emergency business and set the agenda for meetings.

Sec. 2 Duties of Officers

President - The President shall preside at all meetings of the club and Board of Directors; have general supervision of all the affairs and business of the club; and when so authorized by the Board of Directors, to execute through the Secretary, all written contracts, agreements, or conveyances on behalf of the club. This includes filing a biennial report with the Iowa Secretary of State to maintain the club's status as a nonprofit corporation in the State of Iowa. This report is due by March 31 in odd-numbered years. The President shall serve as one of the active members on the Board of Directors for two years after her or his term expires.

Vice-President - The VP shall, in the absence of the President, perform the duties of the President and perform other duties as requested by the club.

Secretary - Secretary shall keep full and accurate minutes of the club and any board proceedings; maintain a club roster; keep the Articles of Incorporation and current By-Laws; and perform other duties as may be requested by the club.

Treasurer - The Treasurer will preserve and keep all records of financial correspondence of the club; keep an accurate account of club financial affairs; present monthly financial reports at club meetings; issue notices of delinquent dues; and other such duties as may be requested by the club. The Treasurer shall keep track of the membership including up-to-date contact information all members.

Sec. 3. The club checking account shall be maintained by the Treasurer. The Treasurer has authority to sign all checks. Additional signatories can be determined by the Board of Directors. A club member appointed by the president will audit the treasurer's records once a year prior to the annual meeting.

The Club will hold at least four meetings a year. Date and time of the meetings shall be agreed upon by the general membership. The Board of Directors shall meet as needed, either face to face or electronically.

Sec. 1. 20% of active members shall constitute a quorum at any meeting provided that at least one officer is present.

Sec. 2. An annual meeting shall be held at the first meeting of the fiscal year.
Additions, changes or amendments to these by-laws shall be presented to the active membership attending any monthly meeting. All active members will be notified of amendments via electronic mail and/or surface mail at least 10 days prior to the next scheduled meeting. Votes may be cast by electronic mail or surface mail but must be received by midnight of the day preceding the scheduled meeting. Amendments are approved by a majority of the active membership. No amendment to the by-laws may be approved at the meeting in which they are presented.