Skunk River DT

Skunk River Driving Trial June 24-25, 2016

President of the Jury=Muffy Seaton       Judge=Nancy Tomlinson

TD=Wayne Kramer

Volunteers please Contact Jada Neubauer  515-450-4820

Send Entries to: Kathy Kuehl, 55823 175th St., Ames, Iowa 50010

See Omnibus for full information on the ADS website.

Lessons with Muffy Seaton offered on Monday June 26. 45 minute lessoon for $80.  Contack Jada Neubauer if interested.


Sponsorships are welcome! (See below for 2015 sponsors)   We need your support and we thank you!!

NameDressage TestMarathon Cones Clearance
All Intermediate  and CTTest 1
6-7 obstacles
Cones will be set using standard clearance.
All Preliminary Tandems/Four-In-Hand  and CTTest 5 POM
5-6 obstacles
 Preliminary Singles/Pairs and CTTest 5 tandems/4s
Test 4 singles
5-6 obstacles
All Training  and  CTTest 2

Get your entries from the American Driving Society page under Omnibus.  Send entries to:

Secretary Skunk River Driving Trial Kathy Kheul and Jenny Potter

Thank you to the following sponsors of the 2016 Skunk River Driving Trial:

Purina feeds and Key Coop,    Wayne Kramer,    Barb Simmons,    Paul Degen, and Sally Overturf,   Darith Vogt,   Skunk River Equine Center,   Jenny Dougan,   Dale Watson,  Val Herber   

Also a big thank you to all of our volunteers and our volunteer chair Chris Mondak for all the hard work and coordinating she did.   Thank you to Randy Farwell and Dale Watson and Paul Degen and Sally Overturf and Jenny Dougan for all your hours and hard work put into the show this year, it would not have been done without you!





Thank You To The Following 2014 Sponsors!

Mickey Hansen            Eleanor Eagly        Mike & Shelly Rider        Iowa Valley Carriage        WrightWay Trailers        Cathy Mueller

Tom & Debbie Bridges        MaryAnn Carter        Carole & Bill Wallace        Mobile Weld (Joe & Annette Boeser)        Team Possum

Teaming Up To Drive/Theresa Burns        Dragon's Lair (Gene & Katy Rhinehart)        Anita Schlosser        Edna Oakley

Barb Summons        Linda & Dave Sadler        Dr. Ann McCombs        Dr, Sarah Myers        Trieber NAPA (Donna Trieber)

Richie Industries        Paul Degen & Sally Overturff        Mike & Marcia Petersen        Pat Werts        Pat Ketterer        Randy Farwell

Skunk River Equine Center (Matt & Jada Neubauer)        D&G Photography        Our WONDERFUL Volunteers    Silent Auction Donors

EMT Mike Koch        Our Farrier Kyle Kylstrom        Jim & Nancy Block

Skunk River Equine Center (formerly 3G Farms)
June 27-29, 2014

President of the Jury: Shelly Temple  Ground Jury: Hardy Zanke

TD: Keith Yutzy

Training test 4   Preliminary test 6   Intermediate test 7

Limited to 50 competitors (waiting list will apply if over 50)


Mr. Grange and his lovely 4-in-Hand on the cones course.

Judges: Kail Palmer-Miller & Francois Bergeron     TD: Keith Yutzy

Check out the Omnibus listing on the ADS website.


Skunk River Equine Center (formerly 3G Farms) Address: 17830 550th Ave, Ames, IA 50010  
We have the best volunteers anywhere!  Here one of our volunteers helps at the cones course getting competitors ready to do their cones run. Photo by Derith Vogt.
Earl Morris, Jo Schumacher and Jake Arrowsmith work at the safety check and Sarah Farwell writes down the wheel measurements. Photo by Derith Vogt.
Hansen's Hill, with it's new look, being driven by Gene Rhinehart and his navigator Terry Rhinehart behind Buck-Naked! at the 10th Skunk River Driving Trial. They went on to win Cones and Marathon which helped them win the overall preliminary division.
Photo by Derith Vogt

2014 Sponsors

  • The Dragon's Lair - Gene & Katy Rhinehart
  • Iowa Valley Carriage - Sandee McKee
  • Wright Way Trailers
  • Tom & Deborah Bridges
  • Richie Waterer's
  • Cathy Meuller
  • Midwest Driving Company - Jada Neubauer 
  • Donna Treiber
  • Dr. Ann McCombs
  • Treiber Auto Parts and Repair
  • Theresa Burns
  • Mickey Hansen
  • Dave & Linda Sadler
  • Barr Trak Farm
  • Steve & Sheryl Stillions
  • Edna Oakley
  • Anita Schlosser
  • Paul Degen & Sally Overturf
  • Jim and Nancy Block
  • Marcia and Mike Petersen
  • Possum Girls
  • Mobile Weld, Inc.--The Boesers
  • Barb Simmons
  • D&G Photography