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 Preliminary winner of the 2015 Iowa Horse Fair Driving Derby: Jada Neubaur.  Training winner: Katy Rhinehart
Preliminary drivers at the Driving Derby at the Iowa Horse Fair: Dale Watson, Gene Rhinehart, Mary Lu Norland, Debbie Bridges, Donna Trieber.  Missing in the photo is Jada Neubauer.
 Training drivers at the Iowa Horse Fair 2015  Jaci Eden, Raymond Helmuth, Tracy Mahon and Katy Rhinehart.
Jenny Garner and Gene Rhinehart were the winners of the Pony and Horse divisions at Equifest in Wichita, Kansas February 8-10.
Sheri Haviza and Donna Crossman with Monkey Man belted in for safety at the 2012 Skunk River Driving Trial. Photo by Derith Vogt.
Jada Neubauer and her brother, Chris, as the navigator take Marek, Mary Winter's German Riding Pony through the water at the Kansas City CDE.  Photo by Randy Farwell.
Gene Rhinehart and navigator, Dave Sadler in the water obstacle at the Kansas City CDE with Buck-Naked! Photo by Randy Farwell.
Buck Naked! in the water obstacle at Kansas City with Gene Rhinehart driving and Dave Sadler as the navigator.
Gene Rhinehart, driving Buck-Naked!, at the BITS Summer Carriage Classic in 2012.  They won the preliminary division.  Navigator is Terry Rhinehart, Gene's brother.
Beauty and Celtic being driven at Villa Louis in the Horse Pairs Class 2010.  Leanne Schwickerath is the driver and passengers are Karen Krelik, Carolyn Rhinehart and Gene Rhinehart as the groom.